They Call Out “Coach Wendy!”

Mar 14, 2016 | Sports Friends Africa, Sports Friends Nigeria

By Ishaya Inuwa, SF Nigeria

Youth are a blessing to any community because they have strength as a great advantage on their side. But when their strength is not well focused, it becomes a great disadvantage within the community they live in.


Over the years we have seen young people, under the leadership of a godly coach, rise to become coaches themselves. These coaches become a source of blessing in their communities – bringing transformation and also becoming a light in their own families.

We recently interviewed Coach Wendy to ask her about what it’s like coaching the young people in her community.

Wendy gave her life to Christ in 2003. She has four siblings, who are all males. Wendy’s father, Sani, was a polygamist, with Wendy’s mother as his first wife. He was not a Christian for a long time, but later he became a child of God and changed for the better. Wendy enjoys the pride and trust of her parents due to her spiritual standing through her encounter with Sports Friends. Her father in particular is proud of the love she has for God.

Wendy shared a little more about her position as a Sports Friends coach in the interview below:

What can you say about your coaching? Wendy was never a fan of sports prior to encountering Sports Friends! However, she says, “It avails me the opportunity to know the children. I study their mood and know how to handle them best.”

What impact do you hope to make in the lives of the kids? “I want to be close to them with the ultimate goal of winning them over to Christ.”

What is your drive with the kids? “I love the kids. They see me everywhere and call out ‘Coach Wendy, Coach Wendy!’ It endears them passionately to my heart. They let me know we have a relationship on and off the field of games.”

Could you describe your relationship with other coaches? “Very cordial and respectful. There is a lot of understanding.”

How has Sports Friends impacted you as a person? “Spiritually, Sports Friends has helped me become a better leader. Through Sports Friends I have learned that I need to be in the sun with the kids, doing all the drills with them, leading by example.

Socially, it has boosted my self-esteem. I used to keep to myself, but now my social life has improved. I socialize with different kinds of people more comfortably than I used to. I am more outgoing and relational.”


How has Sports Friends impacted your family? “I have introduced the vision of Sports Friends to my father. He understands and trusts my judgments. He sees the spiritual and social improvements of my life and he is so proud. My engagement with Sports Friends has never clashed with my family at all.”

Furthermore, she added that her father has come to confide in her to set times of family prayer and devotion. “We never often did devotions together as a family, but with my father’s change of heart and my involvement with Sports Friends, we discuss when to hold prayers together,” she said.

In Matthew 13 Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” Like yeast in bread, the Kingdom is surely spreading through our coaches – person by person, day by day. Praise God for the way He uses ordinary people to spread His Glory both in their own families and in their communities!