The Seminary Coach

May 14, 2014 | Sports Friends Africa, Sports Friends Nigeria

By Moses Gyok, SF Nigeria

Coach Saint is a student of Anglican Seminary in Jos, Nigeria.


Because he knows how much having mentors affected his own childhood, Coach Saint has always wanted to minister to kids.

One day, Coach Saint was passing through the streets to his school when he saw a man with a group of boys. It was obvious that the man and the boys were going to play football. Coach Saint came to the man and asked if he could join them, but only to teach the kids about the Holy Bible because he did not play football when growing up and has had no experience with coaching it either.

The man said, ‘’You are welcome. In fact, that is what we do here. We use sports to teach good character and to reveal Jesus Christ. Do you want to learn more?’’

Of course, Coach Saint said yes. And that was how it all began for him.

The man Coach Saint met is from a different denomination, but it was not an issue at all. Coach Saint joined the group and, even though he is a student in the seminary with lots of theological knowledge, he was willing to learn under this coach who has attended all of the different trainings Sports Friends Nigeria has to offer.

Coach Saint never knew what a great tool sports could be for discipleship and evangelism. He never knew how sports could help an individual’s relationship with Jesus. But now he knows better and is pleased to be a servant to these kids who are coming from different denominations. During trainings and visitations, he talks with passion as if to pour all he knows at once into his players. He has decided that his studies will never prevent him from ministering to these kids using what they love best.

Coach Saint is working hard to see someone from Sports Friends lecture in his seminary. He is also sharing about Sports Friends with Anglican pastors – hoping to train more leaders into godly coaches who can reach out to the many kids in the Anglican church in Nigeria.