For Such a Time as This

Aug 25, 2021 | Sports Friends The Americas

“Coach, you and the other coaches are different, and I love you guys so much!”

Sumaya’s* coach knew that despite her upbeat demeanor she was struggling with what was happening in her homeland of Afghanistan. 

The coach joyfully responded and said, “We love you, too! Why do you say that we are different?”

“You tell people the truth. You don’t lie to us. You make us feel safe and we want to be here with you guys all the time!” Sumaya answered. 

With a smile on his face, the coach began to share with Sumaya about how God had changed his life to make him different. The coach remarked, “I was not always like this. I used to lie a lot! But something happened to me that changed everything and gives me the power to tell the truth. Do you know why we coaches tell the truth and have so much joy?”

“No, please tell me,” Sumaya replied. 

Encouraged by the invitation to share about Jesus, the coach explained to Sumaya that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and that it is this truth that sets people free. 

“Jesus is the reason we tell the truth. He’s the reason we always show up for you and He offers His truth and joy to you too, Sumaya,” the coach lovingly revealed. 

Conversations like this one between the coach and Sumaya can take place because of the ongoing efforts of Sports Friends in the Western U.S. where workers are ministering to Afghan refugees and creating welcoming environments for hundreds of Afghan youth. 

During the recent events in Afghanistan, the number of refugees to Western U.S. is continuously increasing. Sports Friends coaches and volunteers who have formed soccer teams, a biking group, and several other sporting groups for Afghan youth over the past few years are now uniquely positioned to minister to these new neighbors. God has encouraged coaches and volunteers to keep doing what they have been doing… for He has prepared them for such a time as this. 

How Can You Help?

Please join us in ministering to our Afghan neighbors by giving a gift through Sports Friends. Please include “Afghan Neighbors” in the comment line with your online gift. Your generosity will enable Sports Friends trained coaches to holistically meet the needs of many Afghan families — both those currently residing in the U.S. and those expected to come.

Please also join us in praying for these coaches and volunteers to be strengthened in their ministry to youth and their families, and that God will use this time to draw many to Himself in the Afghan community. 

*Name changed