Meet the Intern: Matt Stone

Jul 25, 2018 | Sports Friends Perú, Sports Friends The Americas

Where are you from and how did you find out about Sports Friends? 
I’m from a small town in England called Shrewsbury, and I found out about Sports Friends after showing an interest in sports ministry, then sending a few emails, and subsequently finding Sports Friends Perú!
What made you want to do a sports ministry internship?
I am hugely passionate about Jesus and Sport, therefore, doing sports ministry seemed to make sense. I feel that God has placed this on my heart and this internship is just the start.
What was the highlight of your time interning in Perú?
Tough one! I have many memorable moments, but I feel this question is probably meant in terms of ministry. My first coaching session in Spanish is probably the highlight – and doing the devotional afterwards was particularly rewarding!
What challenged you the most?
Most definitely the frustration with the language. It made me feel caged at the beginning not being able to express myself. Thankfully it’s a bit better now.
What advice would you give someone wanting to do a cross-cultural sports ministry internship?
Learn about the culture of the country BEFORE you arrive so you don’t unintentionally offend anyone. Also, (I’m going to give 2 pieces of advice), it’s absolutely worth doing! I have grown so much in my faith.
What’s the strangest thing you have eaten while living in Perú?
Well, as I answer these questions I’m actually still here, so the potential to eat guinea pig is still there. But so far it’s probably been Ceviche which is raw fish in a lemon sauce.
What is one food you are excited to eat when you get back home?
Roast beef dinner with plenty of Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes!
What is your favorite sport? Who is your favorite team?
Football – Liverpool. And yes. I’m still sad about losing the Champions League final.
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