Camp: A Powerful Starting Point

Jul 23, 2015 | Sports Friends Africa, Sports Friends Nigeria

By Moses Gyok, SF Nigeria

Camp is unarguably a very big event that provides an opportunity for kids to give their lives to Christ, but it is also just a beginning in the process of discipleship.

IMG-20150714-WA0002-1Uwenruza David Dama is 11 years old and is committed to knowing God. He comes from a Christian home and his parents’ desire has always been for all their children to know the Lord. Uwenruza came to camp two years ago, accepted Christ, and has never looked back.

After the camp, Uwenruza’s coach continued to spend time with him to build their relationship. At first, it was not easy for Uwenruza because of the age difference between he and his coach, but his parents were excited about the interest of the coach in their child, so they encouraged him to visit at anytime.

That led to the coach also establishing relationships with all of Uwenruza’s family members.


Uwenruza has since become very close with his coach – he finds he can easily share anything from his heart because he is so sure he will get good advice. Uwenruza has begun to attend Bible studies and prayer meetings (programs that you hardly see many adults attend) in the church as a result of this relationship. Their relationship has grown so much that Uwenruza was even a groomsman at his coach’s wedding and has become a permanent fixture in the life of the coach and his wife.

By just attending one camp, a disciple was born at a very young age! Jesus himself commanded us to let little ones come to him!