A Light in the Darkness

Apr 1, 2015 | Sports Friends Africa, Sports Friends Nigeria

By Ishaya Inuwa, SF Nigeria

“… and the darkness could not comprehend it.” John 1:5

The history of northern Nigeria today is characterized by violence resulting from insurgencies. Life is full of uncertainties within this region, and so people are fleeing/migrating to other regions for safety. Christian communities are growing thinner and Christian witnessing is becoming unpopular.


However, God has never left any people without a witness. In the midst of this darkness shines the light of the gospel of Jesus through a group of young people who believe God has called them to proclaim Him. They are natives of this region, so it is their homeland. And like the saints of old, they would choose to die rather than to flee, leaving their people dying in darkness.

While this group pondered on what to do, God caused their paths and that of Sports Friends Nigeria to cross. SFN admitted them for Basic Training where they were equipped on how to use sports as a tool to shine the light of Christ. Now they are putting to use the things they learned. As a result, three churches have been planted and over ninety people are currently undergoing discipleship.

Furthermore, the platform of sports has given us a channel to bring trauma healing to 66 Internally Displaced Children. Some of them are orphans -a result of the insurgencies. SFN keyed into a program focused on rehabilitating these traumatized children by using sports to bring hope and make life more meaningful for them.

Please pray for Sports Friends Nigeria

  • That God will give us wisdom as we engage young people in hostile environments.
  • That God will bring volunteers to help us as the task is becoming overwhelming.
  • That God will give us boldness to proclaim Him.
  • Pray for peace in Nigeria, especially as the elections have just passed.