Prie avec nous

Depuis 1893, le mot d’ordre de la SIM a été “Par la prière”. Par la prière, la SIM et ses nombreux ministères ont vu Dieu faire des choses étonnantes et merveilleuses—des milliers de nouvelles églises implantées, des millions de personnes engagées dans la foi en Jésus-Christ et grandissant comme Ses disciples, et des communautés tout autour du monde transformées par la grâce de Dieu.

Les gens pensent souvent que la prière doit se faire avant de commencer un ministère. Nous croyons que la prière est un ministère en soi! Notre vision et le désir de nos cœurs sont de voir à terme plusieurs milliers d’Eglises en Afrique, en Asie, et en Amérique du Sud qui utilisent la plateforme du sport pour toucher des millions de vies avec l’amour de Jésus-Christ.


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Clique ci-dessous pour voir nos sujets de prière et de reconnaissance actuels. Nous nous excusons par avance, car pour le moment, ces sujets ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais !

  • Burkina Faso

    Please continue to pray for one young man on our team who is of another faith but would like to give his life to Jesus. He is afraid of making such a life-changing decision.

    Please pray for our upcoming home assignment, that we can arrange all of our things here before we leave. Please pray we can rest well in the States, but also raise our needed support before we return to Burkina.

    We praise the Lord for good health and for newly trained coaches who are planning to start their teams soon. Praise God with us also for the two who have already started!

    Pray with us for the security situation in our country. Tension and conflict are high, and times have been difficult. Pray that God would bring peace. Pray for our staff and coaches as we walk in the midst of it, that we will carry His presence

  • Ethiopia

    Our office has been conducting character training for kids (under 16) who were found in a prison center. Praise God with us for this opportunity and pray that these young people will implement the training into their lives. Pray also that many youth will give their life to Jesus, who loves them.

    We conducted an intensive block course about Sport Ministry at the Bible College in Addis Ababa. The course ran from Jan. 13 to Jan. 25. Praise God for this class, that most students are very interested in the subject and are planning to implement this ministry in their respective churches.

    Two Basic Trainings were recently conducted on the same day, in different two areas. There are 35 trainees in each of these two new churches, and we obtained constructive feedback from our participants.

    Pray that God would use our recent training at the Bible College to continue to inspire future church leaders. Many of them expressed intent to use Sports Ministry. Pray for these men and women to continue in their growth and service in the church.

    Pray that God would give us more wisdom to train the kids from the prison center. Pray that the Holy Spirit would touch their lives, and they would discover and follow the God who created them for good things.

    Pray for an upcoming Basic Training we have planned for children’s ministers in central Ethiopia. Thirty trainees are registered to come, and we hope to equip them to run powerful sports ministries in their communities. Pray also for Bible school students who will be attending from a neighboring nation.

    Please pray for our country to have political stability as we approach the National Election in the coming months. Pray for God’s hand on the elections, and that people will choose to work together and not turn to violence.

  • International

    Please pray for Dan and Corrie’s monthly financial support. Pray that God would touch people’s hearts who would want to partner with them.

    Please pray for Bob & Mary’s 19-year-old daughter Habiba, as she returns from three months of service in Uganda and seeks what God’s next steps are for her. Pray He would guide her and provide for every need.

    Please pray for preparations the Global Gathering. There is much to accomplish by way of logistics, schedule, and content. Pray that the planning team would have wisdom, discernment, efficiency and good communication.

    Feb 7/8
    Please pray for our everyone who is currently en route to the Global Gathering. Pray for safety, smooth travel, good conversations, and hearts prepared to receive all God has for them at this celebratory and strengthening event.

    Feb 9-15:
    Praise God with us for the Global Gathering, happening now. Pray that each participant will be encouraged in the work God has called them to do, that they find rest and refreshment during this time set aside to gather, and they will be inspired to step forward into what God has for them in each of their fields.

    Please pray for the rebranding project. This is a large undertaking for a small team, and there are many things to consider. Pray that God will be honored in all we do, and the way we do it. Pray that our new brand image will communicate Sports Friends’ work in an effective way.

  • Ghana

    We praise God for allowing us a special time to play together at Christmas! We are so thankful for Christ’s coming, and that He remains with us always!

    We were able to share about church-centered sports ministry at GNBC National Youth Conference. Pray that God will bless the vision in the hearts and minds of those He would call to work alongside us, sharing the love of Jesus through sport.

    Please pray for favor in obtaining visas for the Global Gathering. We will be applying through the Thai Embassy in Nigeria. Pray for blessing and smooth processes.

    Please join us in praying for an upcoming Basic Training. Pray for our trainers, for energy and wisdom specific to the needs in this particular location. Pray for good relationships among new coaches and sports ministers.

    In March our coordinators are attending a retreat. Please pray for them, that their bodies would be able to rest, and their hearts would be strengthened with joy in their work. Pray for strategy and wisdom for them as they move forward.

    Pray for our follow-up visits throughout the latter part of March. Pray for good communication, safe travel, and deep encouragement as our trainers are able to meet face-to-face once again with sports ministers in different areas.

    (early March) Please pray for us as we run day camps in northern Ghana. These are very valuable times for the young people on our teams. Pray for their hearts to be especially attuned to the voice of the Spirit during these more focused days, and that the staff will overflow with love for them.

  • Malawi

    Feb 11
    Today we have a vision sharing with the Sunday School Teachers United Movement in Malawi. Please pray for God to provide good communication and connections, and that He will unite us as He desires to reach young people across the nation.

    Feb 14
    Today we are sharing the sports ministry vision with the Evangelical Baptist Church of Malawi. Pray for our time with these brothers and sisters to be strategic and fruitful, and that we will encourage each other well.

    Feb 13
    Today we have a vision sharing event in the far south. Pray for our partnership with the AEC in this region, and for God to continue to move among the youth in Malawi. We pray they will know Him!

    Feb 22
    Today is Netball Camp day! Pray for our girls in Nsanje as they gather to spend more focused time together in sport and especially learning more about God’s ways and plan for their lives.

    Mar 14
    Today is our second prayer and fasting day of the New Year. All our local sports ministry churches are participating. Pray that the Lord will meet with us, give us His vision for the work in Malawi, and empower us to join Him.

    Praise God with us for keeping Sports Friends Malawi team safe and healthy as we enter a new year and new decade. Pray for God’s blessing on our ministry at large for 2020.

    We had day camps in 4 different places on December 14th. Praise God for the fruitful times we shared, and pray that He will grow all the seeds planted in the youth during camps.

    We are so thankful for the many coaches we have all across Malawi. Praise God with us for them today, and pray that He will encourage and sustain them, give them His vision and passion, and they will be filled with joy.

    We praise God for the great support we receive from our international family through Sports Friends. It is truly a gift to be united with God’s people around the world, with a single mind to reach our young people through sport. What a privilege!

  • Nigeria

    Praise God for moving in the lives of two people on one of our ministry teams as a result of Basic Training and constant follow up for discipleship.

    Praise God for proper implementation of Basic Training with EYN denomination. Every training event is an extremely valuable time in the lives of our coaches, preparing them to be leaders and ministers in their hometowns.

    Praise God for accomplishing successful Basic Training events in a village close to Cameroon. God is pursuing the young people in this region for His glory, and we pray many will discover Him through the witness of faithful coaches!

    Praise God with us for raising up new coaches in central Nigeria! We love to see Him calling more men and women to make disciples in their communities!

    Praise God for His grace to provide us opportunity for follow up visits to some new coaches in central Nigeria. We want to continually build relationships and strengthen our coaches to persevere and flourish.

    Praise God for Christmas break, in which our staff and coaches had time with our families, as well as several opportunities to minister to guests in our homes.

    Feb 2
    Please pray for our follow up visits with coaches and leaders in a northeastern state. Ask God with us for travel safety and provision, and for blessed time of encouragement and training.

    Feb 25
    Pray for a Basic Training event with ECWA missionaries in the Northwest of Nigeria, happening today. Pray that God will move among His people and equip them to serve young people in His name and for His glory.

    Feb 26-29
    Pray for the Basic Training with ECWA happening in the northeast today. Pray for the churches who are sending volunteers to become sports ministers, that they would be filled with the love of God for the youth in their region, and be effective in their outreach.

    Mar 25-28
    Pray for a new Basic Training happening now. Pray that there would be unity among the new coaches, and a courageous passion to reach the young people in their community in Jesus’ Name.

    Pray for our meetings to facilitate ongoing partnership with the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ. Pray for discernment, unity, passion, and provision.

  • Perú

    March 7th: Please pray for our Vision Sharing workshop with Lima pastors, that they would catch the vision and move forward in God’s passion and love to reach out to the youth in Lima through sports ministry.

    March 14th: Please pray for our Vision Sharing workshop with the IEP pastors (denominational partnership) in the mountain town of Huancayo. Pray that God would continue to develop the sports ministry within the denomination and build up effective leaders!

    March 25-29: Please pray for Paris and Jhon as they travel to the jungle city of Pucallpa to learn more about the church and culture of the region. Pray for them as they share the vision with various pastors. Please also pray for wisdom and guidance for our team in knowing how best to serve the church in Pucallpa.

    - Praise God with us for Jhon as he joins our team full-time! We’re so thankful for the way that God has been teaching and guiding Him, using him as a leader both in his own church and to build up other Peruvian leaders!

    - We’re excited to welcome Andrea to our team as a part-time Trainer Mentor! She came to the very 1st Basic Training in 2013, and has become an incredible leader in church-centered sports ministry! We know she will be a huge blessing to other leaders developing sports ministry in their churches. Please pray for her as she settles into her role and that she would continually look to God for guidance.

  • Senegal

    Pray for safe travels for Philippe & David to and from the Global Gathering. Pray also that they would be refreshed and encouraged as they celebrate all God is doing.

    (middle of Feb)
    Pray for the wisdom as we evaluate and draft paperwork for the renewal of Sports Friends Senegal project. Ask God with us for His vision for the next 5 years of ministry here, that He will have His way fully. Continue to pray for our coaches and their relationships with each young person in their clubs.

    Pray for physical and spiritual protection as the coaches boldly live out their faith and do this ministry in mostly Muslim communities.

    Pray that God will reveal Himself to each child whose heart is open to Him. It is our deepest desire to see these youth turn to walk in the love and freedom of life in Christ.

    Pray for wisdom as Philippe & David have recently been receiving numerous calls from pastors interested in the ministry and requesting Basic Trainings. Pray for the financial resources that would enable us to offer more trainings and do other ministry activities.

  • Thailand/Southeast Asia

    Pray for Cameron who is travelling to the northeast of Thailand to interview our coaches in this region of the country where there are very few Christians and churches. Pray that he would have safety in travels, and be an encouragement to the people he will interview.

    In February, Kuur is running Referee Training and Leadership Training events. Pray for him as he prepares and accomplishes this, that he will have insight to his attendees’ specific needs, and that they will greatly benefit from the time.

    Praise God with us for new staff member, Chai, as he joins the Sports Friends Thailand team as a Trainer and Coordinator. Pray that he will integrate easily to the team and enjoy his new position thoroughly.

    Pray for the SF Thailand team as they make preparations for hosting the Global Gathering. There is much work to be done as the host country. Pray that God will guide decisions and give extra energy to those who are making arrangements in addition to daily work.

    Give thanks for a recent meeting with denominational leaders from TLCC (Thailand Lahu Christian Church) and pray for us as we discuss and plan together for a new denominational partnership.

    Pray for Jill as she takes on the role of Acting SIM Thailand Director for the next 6 months. Pray for her to have the wisdom and strength she needs to manage the extra workload.

    Pray for one of our young men to recover quickly from a knee injury. Pray for his patience and endurance as he heals, and that he will continue to encourage those around him.

    Pray for unity within the church in our northern region. This is the heart of Jesus for His people, and we know that the Spirit moves powerfully where God’s people work together.

    Pray for a leadership training in the South, that new leaders would be inspired, encouraged, strengthened. Pray God would prepare their churches to reach out with boldness and kindness, and He would draw the hearts of young people to find Him.

    Pray for our new Trainer and Coordinator in our eastern region. Pray for God to bless him to fill this position perfectly, and that he will adjust to the new role with great wisdom and joy.

    Pray for follow up trips with coaches. We will be visiting some very challenging regions. Pray that our trainers can safely reach them and greatly encourage them in their work. Pray for our coaches to have ever-increasing faith, grace, courage, wisdom, and joy.

    Pray for us this month as we have regional coordinator training, follow-up, and vision sharing. Pray for inspiration and encouragement for team members, and that God will continue to use humble servants to spread the good news of His love throughout SE Asia.

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